Monday, November 4, 2013

The Semanic Effort

Basic Information:

The Semanic effort is an attempt to create a small experimental semantic web featuring formal semantic modeling and integration of genealogical data. It employs some ambitious/radical temporal reasoning techniques and high expressivity. In particular, it boldly reifies all times as a shared library of time interval instances to boost the expressivity of temporal reasoning. The name is meant to be a sticky/memorable pun that suggests a somewhat manic ambition in combining many difficult-to-reconcile design goals and the hated single ontology.
The most recent ontology is to be found at
The time instance data is found at "". This is a large file. You may want to individually load the 100-year files.
To submit a SPARQL or Prolog query against the genealogical data, go to this link.
  • Peterson, E., Reified Literals: A Best Practice Candidate Design Pattern for Increased Expressivity in the Intelligence Community, Semantic Technology for Intelligence, Defense, and Security, Fairfax, VA, 2010
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